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    LiaoNing DongYu Chemical&Mining Group attend the international plastic exhibition from 28th Sep to 1st Oct in Ho Chi Ming City Vietnam

    LiaoNing DongYu Chemical&Mining Group attend the international plastic exhibition from 28th Sep to 1st Oct in Ho Chi Ming City Vietnam. No.160.


    the exhibition of the Vietnamese Ministry of trade, Ministry of industry of Vietnam, Vietnam investment planning department, the Ministry of environmental protection science and technology and the Vietnam and Vietnam Machinery Association, support association and plastic mould association and other government departments and professional associations. The show's first run in 2000 next year, has been successfully held fifteen times. From the Vietnamese National. In mainland China, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, India, South Korea, 187 exhibitors in Germany and Italy and other 14 countries and regions to carry exhibits attended the exhibition, which foreign exhibitors ratio above 80%, participating in activities and achieved remarkable results.
    The group exhibited during the exhibition, barium sulfate, magnesium hydroxide, silicon dioxide, explosion talc, modified talc, carrier free talc masterbatch, PP talc masterbatch, PE talc masterbatch, masterbatch EPE talc, mica powder and silicone masterbatch, masterbatch, attracted many exhibitors customers to visit, consultation, negotiation, and the final by virtue of high whiteness, high purity, high quality powder products makes this exhibition shine.
    Vietnam is China's neighbor, since the Vietnam government implemented the policy of reform and opening up, the Vietnamese economy maintained good momentum of economic and trade relations between the two countries, showing broad prospects for development. Vietnam plastic industry still can only provide a general household plastic products, the future still need to continue to invest, according to Vietnamese Plastic Corporation, Vietnam plastics industry investment in the future about $2 billion, has been a recent plastic Vietnam Vietnam government 17 investment projects from now to 2012, of which 3 of the raw materials for the production of plastic machinery business project, Vietnam is very considerable in recent years, Vietnam's economy developing rapidly, people's consumption level also increased, regardless of the general plastic consumer goods or industrial materials for plastic products demand gradually. Ascension, for example: plastic ceiling, plastic flooring, plastic panels, plastic plates, plastic door, plastic windows and other plastic materials, advanced power, cooling system of automobile, locomotive Electronic and Telecommunications plastic parts market share increased gradually. We will keep pace with the times, on the basis of many years of organizing the innovation, to further enhance the service work, looking for business opportunities for enterprises in the new century to fully explore the international market in Southeast Asia, to provide warm service!